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From the blog Connecting Head and Heart™


The day that Keynes predicted is now coming towards us at full speed. Bettina Grönblom


Our capacity to relate to others and to recognise our interdependence is more urgently needed than ever when it comes to peace, prosperity and saving our beautiful environment. It has become fundamental to our survival as a species on earth. Desmond Tutu and Bettina Grönblom


We have become so very adept at being intellectuals and rational human beings that we can’t see the forest for the trees. As the poet and philosopher Solomon ibn Gabirol said “…of what avail is the open eye if the heart is blind? Bettina Grönblom


To see without judgment is not easy, and it takes great courage because we must leave the security of our own opinions, cultures, religions, traditions and fears behind – habits that have taken a lifetime to develop. Bettina Grönblom


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